Toni Black Toni has been interested in art since she was young. As a primary school teacher, she enjoyed the free approach children had to painting and drawing, and has tried to maintain that mind set in her work. She has been a potter since 1970. This has influenced her painting with regard to her use of texture in the form of texture paste and mixed media. She joined the friendly art group in Mapleton in 2003 and has been a member ever since, constantly learning new and interesting painting techniques . The Blackall Range, known for its natural beauty, is a stimulating area for artists, and Toni has enjoyed greatly her time living here.
Vast Outback acrylic 90x60cm 245
Spring Flowers acrylic 60x50cm SOLD
Abstract Flowers acrylic 60x50cm SOLD
Moonscape acrylic 60x60cm 210
Glistening Snow 34x45cm 450
Water Lilies 1 40x30cm 80
Far Horizons 61x61cm 240
Tranquil Pond 61x51cm 255
Hinterland Abstract 90x60cm 245
Boreen Point, Lake Catharaba 76x51cm 275