Ron Potter

Ron took up painting upon his formal retirement from full time ministry in the Uniting Church in Australia. Because the painting group he first joined had in it several members painting in watercolour, he took up that medium and still regards it as his favourite.

For fifteen months he attended classes conducted by Tony Lewis at Buderim. Since joining BLACKALL RANGE VISUAL ARTISTS he has broadened his fields and now paints also in acrylics and oils.

Over the years he has attended many different tutorials and workshops of varying subject . His style is mainly impressionist/realist but he also likes to experiment with more abstract approaches.

Bush Track Oil on canvas 41cm x 51cm 200"
Fun Together Oil on canvas 61cm x 31cm 200
Hello World Oil on canvas 50cm x 40cm 200
I Hear Music Watercolour/ink 48cm x 36cm unframed 150
Ian Fairweather Watercolour/charcoal 48cm x 38cm framed 150
Let There Be Music Watercolour/ink 66cm x 48cm framed 150
Montville Pathway Oil on canvas 60cm x 60cm 200
Yellow Rose Oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm 200