Philippa Friend

I have been a member of BRVA for eleven years, after moving to Queensland from Canberra in 2005. I developed a love of drawing and later other art mediums from my father who encouraged me from childhood to draw from life animals in particular. Later I attended art classes at the ANU School of Art in Canberra and I enjoy learning new styles and techniques all the time.

I like to draw people doing things in particular situations and currently I am combining my interest in native birds and plants with drawing, painting, and collage techniques to produce works which I hope convey my delight at observing and sketching them. I am always flattered when these find their way to other people's walls where I trust they bring as much pleasure to those who look into them as I have in creating them.

One of my favourite art teachers along the way defined a "good" composition as one which, amongst other things, showed imagination, told a story and made the viewer think. I try to keep this in mind as a worthwhile artistic aim. I am a retired school teacher and like to teach art to others on a part-time basis as well.

Birds' Eye View acrylic on canvas 90x120cm $800
Birdwatchers II mixed media on canvas 60x60cm $300
Company acrylic on canvas 80x100cm $350
Kitchen II acrylic on paper 33x33cm framed $180
King Parrot Chick acrylic 60cm x 30cm $150
Rainbow Lorikeet acrylic 45cm x 45cm $200
Conversation On The Stair acrylic 1m x 75cm $400
The Office acrylic 76cm x 60cm $180
Garden Watchers I mixed media diptych $1000 sold
Garden Watchers II mixed media diptych $1000 sold