Marilyn Dale-Cook

Although born in England, at the tender age of twelve months, Marilyn and her parents emigrated to South Africa. After having spent half her life there, a decision was made to emigrate again, this time to Australia, where she is now a happy Aussie.

Art has always been part of Marilyn's life, as her father was well known for his watercolour paintings. An opportunity arose to extend her studies and she attended several TAFE courses and completed a BA Visual Art - Fine Arts at Griffith University.

Of all artists, Monet has been first and foremost a great inspiration for his use of colour and application of paint.

Marilyn has been involved in many different exhibitions, both in Brisbane and on the Blackall Range. Nature is her inspiration and she enjoys extending the boundaries of her subjects.

Rain Forest Dreaming acrylic
Rainbow Nation mixed media and collage 90cm x 66cm 220
Rainforest Community mixed media 46cm x 46cm 160
African Lady mixed media 90cm x 66cm 220
Mystery of a Woman mixed media 50cm x 40cm 140
Waterlily Pond acrylic 120cm x 90cm 300
Wandoo Court framed acrylic 98cm x 68cm 250