Malveen White

Malveen has been experimenting with watercolour for over 20 years. Inspiration comes from memories — flowers from her mother's garden, a country childhood, and of course the beloved Clydesdales from her grandfather's farm at Highfields, near Toowoomba. Although mostly self-taught, Malveen has benefited from classes and workshops over the years, most notably classes with Christine Clark in the early years, and recently, on a trip to Italy to do a workshop with Brazilian artist, Fabio Cembranelli. Some recent awards include:
2013 First Prize Heroes Watercolour Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show
2012 Third Prize Diana The Village People – Head First Portrait Competition
2011 First Prize Watercolour In All Weathers Bundaberg Arts Festival
2010 First Prize Miniatures Truckies Bundaberg Arts Festival
2010 Best Painting in Show Watercolour Wisteria Montville Camellia Festival Art Competition
2009 Best Painting Camellia Pink Petticoats Acrylic Montville Camellia Festival Art Competition

Old Timers watercolour 55x35cm framed sold
Pink Blossoms watercolour 55x75cm framed 280 sold
A Good Egg watercolour 350 Sold
Bottles & Fruit watercolour Sold
Waiting at the Gate watercolour NFS
Seven Figs watercolour 55cm x 75cm framed 350 sold
Wendy's Lilies watercolour 55cm x 75cm framed 500
First Snow watercolour 1mtr x 75cm framed 1000 sold
Dingo Dreams watercolour 300 unframed