Lynne Begbie

In the early 2000s, the beautiful Blackall Range and its climate, beckoned Lynne and her husband to retirement.

However, some time before that, Lynne was initially drawn to painting, using folk art materials. Then she discovered the wonder of oils and came to love the way colours smoothly blend on the canvas.

Since joining BLACKALL RANGE VISUAL ARTISTS Lynne has become interested in acrylics and mixed media. She acknowledges the friendships made, skills and techniques acquired and believes there is something new to learn every week.

Lynne has attended many workshops by local artists, and looks forward to more in the future to continue her learning

Touch of Blue acrylic 61x77cm 210
Gum Leaves
Dent Lighthouse acrylic 57x62cm 300 (after John Rigby)
Pepsi pastel 40cm x 30cm sold