Janelle Murray
Janelle Murray

Janelle comes from a family of talented artists and was encouraged by her mother as a child. A dedicated watercolourist, Janelle works almost entirely plein aire which gives her work a subtle, understated quality. Specialising as she does in landscape, she expresses through her paintings that which she sees as beautiful and believes that being intensely passionate about painting in watercolour gives each one a spontaneity when painting outdoors. Light and nature's colour scheme is what inspires her. Janelle's works are of a standard which has come from a great deal of study, tuition and many years of practice. However, she considers herself as part of a continuous learning process through the method of experimentation. It is this dedication whcih has culminated in her current, well-deserved success.

Coolum watercolour 34x41cm 275
Here's looking at you, Coolum watercolour 58x45cm
Secret Lagoon watercolour 46x55cm framed 275
The Old Murray River Acrylic 50cm x 60cm 350