Dianne Trembath

As a young girl, born in country Victoria, nature provided all of the seasons and taught me to adapt, connect, live and enjoy colour on display.

Married life arrived and another journey began, painting on the backburner. I continued to collect and create within the realm of decor and home furnishings - Design Home Improvements - kept creative lines open.

Arriving in Queensland, I joined an art group, meeting each Wednesday for 4-5 years. I enjoyed learning the aspects of drawing and painting. Now I enjoy my rambling garden and stone cottage and studio in this beautiful part of the world - the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Blue Hydrangeas Acrylic 500cm x 600cm 275
Lilies Acrylic 630cm x 730cm 385 Framed on canvas
Retro Lady Acrylic 580cm x 580cm 295 Framed with glass
Majestic Peacock Acrylic 1800cm x 910cm 895